Get Your Home Ready To Sell

Real Estate

It can be challenging to get your house ready to sell, but the effort will pay off!  Here is a list of tasks to do the trick.  

Even better, do these tasks before you want to sell so you can enjoy the benefits!

l Edge, mow and fertilize the lawn.Trim hedges, weed lawns and flowerbeds, and prune trees. Cut back overgrown shrubbery.

l Power-wash the exterior of the house as well as walkways, and clean out your gutters  This can make a big difference!

l Hire a cleaning service to thoroughly clean the interior, including the windows. Clean carpets thoroughly. 

l Repair dings and crack in walls, and paint a neutral color. I have several colors I can recommend that buyer's really love.

l Replace damaged windowpanes, moldings and woodwork; repair drippy faucets.

l Clean out the fireplace and lay some logs in it.

l Mend torn screens. Clean out all window tracks.

l Check to be sure all light bulbs work, and use bright ones. Light is important to buyers!

l Clean all appliances (especially refrigerator and oven).

l Replace old shower curtains and. put out fresh towels

l Clear all cobwebs from corners and doorways.

I have names of a number of contractors and cleaners - and am happy to walk through your home and give you more tips on getting ready.