Pest Control

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With cooler weather on the horizon, Its time to take steps to control pests and keep them from coming inside during cold weather. Prevention is key. Check for plumbing leaks, and reseal as needed cracks and crevices in walls and floors. Check the seal in your driveway as well. Repair torn window and door screens. Trim tree and shrub branches so they don’t touch the house. Call your professional exterminator to treat the interior and exterior.

Crickets and spiders can be a real problem in cold weather: Avoid heavy ground cover in landscaping within 10 feet of your house, and store firewood away from the house. Again, seal exterior cracks and holes. Remove spider webs when they appear. Yellow bug lights in outdoor fixtures  attract fewer flying inspects on which the spiders feed. As for mice, remember that they can get into any hole or crack that is just 1/4 inch thick. If a pencil can fit into a hole, so can a mouse. In addition to sealing holes and cracks, it is wise to install thick weatherstripping on the bottom of all doors.

Good luck!